About Bootcoder

Bootcoder helps users who are looking to change careers into a technology related field, or looking to gain a new technology related skill, to locate the best online and in person course or programming bootcamp.

Bootcoder's mission is to provide people who are looking to learn Software Engineering or related skills such as Digital Marketing, Front-End, Back-End, User Interface, Data Science, and Product Management with easy to understand information about the Programming Bootcamp market, so that they can secure a place in one of the nearly 300 different programming bootcamps.

The services that Bootcoder provides will become increasingly important as the programming bootcamp market expands. Programming bootcamps are a growth industry. Less than 4 years ago, no programming bootcamps were in existence, the first programming bootcamp coming into being in 2012. Now there are nearly 300 programming bootcamps, which teach a variety of programming languages, as well as diffferent skills with a heavy leaning towards providing services to Technology industries. Currently, the industry could be valued at between $300-500 million.

Bootcoder can help you make that important transition into the technology/skill set that you're looking to get into, whether it's Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Digital Marketing, Front-End, Back-End, User Interface, Data Science, Product Management, or something else.