Bootcoder's Programming Playlist

Get in the zone while you're coding with the right music.

Bootcoder's goal is to help people easily find the right programming bootcamp, based on very specific search criteria such as location, focus (programming language or technology related skill), or cost.

But coding can be as much fun as it is work. The process of creating something brand new, of designing, thinking, problem solving,'s engaging and exciting in every way. And to have someone actually use what you made? Priceless.

To go along with that, every programmer needs a good playlist to jam to. That's why I've created a sweet playlist for programming, when you get in the zone.

You can find the playlist here, and the top songs are as follows:

  1. Right Thing to Do Ft. Jessie Ware
  3. Night Falls
  4. Booka Shade
  5. Bird's Lament
  6. Moondog
  7. I Can't Stop
  8. Flux Pavilion
  9. Locked
  10. Four Tet
  11. At the End of the Day
  12. Amon Tobin
  13. Tamil Dub
  14. King Soly
  15. Say My Name (featuring Zyra)
  16. Odesza
  17. One Day They'll Know (Odesza Remix)
  18. Pretty Lights
  19. Deltitnu
  20. Aydio
  21. Finally Moving
  22. Pretty Lights
  23. Wildcat
  24. Ratatat