A Classic C.S. Degree from Harvard

What you'd learn with a typical computer science degree

A basic computer science degree from Harvard requires twelve “half-courses” in computer science theory, math, and software. The math courses generally involve linear algebra (logic) and calculus.

  1. Math 1a: Introduction to Calculus
  2. Math 1b: Calculus, Series, and Differential Equations
  3. AM21b: Mathematical Methods in the Sciences
  4. CS20: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  5. CS50: Introduction to Computer Science 1
  6. CS61: Systems Programming and Machine Organization
  7. CS109: Data Science
  8. CS121: Introduction to Formal Systems and Computation
  9. CS124: Data Structures and Algorithms
  10. CS141: Computing Hardware
  11. CS171: Visualization
  12. CS179: Design of Usable Interactive Systems