Common Misconceptions About Coding

by Kayla Oak

Anyone Can Learn to Code and Everyone Should Learn to Code

"Coding is not just for the mathematically inclined."

Don’t let misleading myths hold you back from learning how to code. The most common misconception is that you have to be a genius mathematician to write code. Your knowledge of math does not directly impact your ability to write code. All you need is basic algebra and logic. It’s computer programming, not math equations!

"Coding is for people with an IQ over 145."

“Okay,” you’re thinking, “I don’t have to be a math whiz, but I do have to be a genius.” Wrong again. Computer programming is a language you can learn just like any other. The only difference is that you use it to communicate with computers, not people.

"Code looks so intimidating thought!"

So is learning any new skill. You will make mistakes, but you’ll learn from them. Looking at hundreds of lines of code can be daunting, but once you start, you’ll realize there is a lot of repetition in phrases and the learning curve will seem much more manageable.

"But I didn't go to college."

You don’t even need to be a college student to learn how to code. Coding bootcamps and classes are available online or in person. They range from crash courses with basic programming to more rigorous classes.

These programs and camps are often more useful than college courses, depending on how you learn. They let YOU set the learning pace, rather than the professor, so there’s no stress of falling behind or being tested on something you didn’t understand.

"Only older people know how to code."

Coding isn’t just for adults. Some may think that kids can’t think as analytically or logically as adults, which would make learning code difficult. On the contrary, it can be easier for kids to learn how to code since it’s a visual language. Because of the push for the next generation to pursue careers in the STEM fields, there are websites and programs specifically aimed at teaching computer programming skills to kids.

"Coding isn't very creative."

If you think about it, computer programmers have designed or been involved with every application on your phone and every computer game you’ve ever played. They took a creative idea and made it a reality.

"It's such a lonely job."

Coding is not boring or anti-social. Coders often work in teams for projects. Furthermore, they are frequently actively involved in the design process, and often attend a lot of meetings with non-technical peope.

Coding is an incredibly valuable skill that teaches you how to problem solve creatively within a technical environment. It is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the current job market, so what’s stopping you?