Byte Academy's Data Science and Python Bootcamps Trains Students for a Job in FinTech

Big Data in the Big Apple

Located in New York City, Byte Academy offers intensive industry-focused programs with small classes and emphasis on full-stack Python programming and career services. Women receive $2,000 off tuition. Through its Tuition-Deferral Program, qualified applicants pay zero upfront. For more information, visit Byte Academy and use code BOOTCODE(R) in the 'How did you find out about us?' field in order to receive $500 off tuition upon enrollment.

Byte Academy, a leader in FinTech (Finance Technology) education, broadens its industry-focus by launching part-time programs in full-stack Python development with FinTech and Data Science options. According to Director, Rak Chugh, "As technological innovations increasingly impact all fields, it is not sufficient to only learn finance or programming. Domain-training and coding must go hand-in-hand for career."

In 2014 Byte Academy established its industry focus with its groundbreaking FinTech program fusing finance and technology. The co-founders, Wall Street veterans, realized this need when clients could not find qualified developers. Simultaneously, start-ups such as Lending Club "disrupted" traditional banking as global FinTech investments tripled. Recently, Goldman Sachs' CEO, Lloyd Blankfein declared that the bank is a technology firm and would hire engineers over traders.

Byte Academy students enroll in order to address the same disconnect which motivated its co-founders. Student and banker Josh Panknin described his experience at Deutsche Bank "those on the business side had a ton of ideas how to do their job better using technology, but few could develop programs on the same level as their business knowledge." Upon graduation, Josh will develop financial applications in his former field.

Part-time after-work classes cater to students like Josh who cannot take time off, have broader interests and/or seek higher earnings. Due to its simplicity yet powerful analytic capabilities, Python is the preferred coding language for both data science and the finance industry. Data Scientists, called the "sexiest job of the 21st century," by Harvard Business Review, are wanted in all fields with salaries averaging $118,000 ( While the majority of bootcamps teach Ruby, Byte Academy was the first full-time New York City coding bootcamp to offer Python.